From an express facial through to an Infusion Anti Ageing Skin Treatment, Infusion delivers just what your skin needs. Working with the professional skin care ranges Environ and Sothys we can treat the driest of skins through to the most problematic oily skins at any age with one of our many specialised facials.
Our experienced beauty therapists provide a professional skin analysis with every Infusion facial to determine your skin type, and then will follow with a facial treatment suited to your skin conditions.

Signature Infusion Facial 

A fully-customised facial according to what your skin requires on the day - radiant, fresh skin and relaxation.
Allow 60mins $99

Multi Vitamin Infusion
Designed to treat any skin type, specifically for those that are looking for
a longer lasting result from their treatment. Galvanic current is a superior
form of delivery of active ingredients into the skin.
Allow 75mins $137

Collagen Anti Age Facial
Mineral Micro Dermabrasion scrub with anti Wrinkle action massage and
mask. Targets premature aging skin conditions and plumps out fine lines.
Allow 90mins $168

Express Facial
A quick pick me up for those short on time or a great first facial.
Allow 30mins $72

Teen Facial

A facial that helps restore balance or maintain balance in the skin. Great for those with a few skin issues. (This is only for teens).
Allow 30mins $40

Facial Add Ons…
All of the below are able to be added to any of the facial treatments
$32 each

Alginate Mask & Serum
Eye Treatments
Facial Peel
Hand or Foot Sugar Buff & Massage
Back Massage


DERMAL ROLLERING (Collagen Induction Therapy)
Special needles are used to finely penetrate the skin and induce natural collagen production. This tightens the skin over the following months. In all cases it is absoutley essential to be on high levels of topical Vit A and Antioxidants prior to the proceedure. (eg Environ AVST#1 for 3 weeks). It can take between 6-8weeks before visible signs of skin regeneration are seen and the process will continue to evolve over the ensuing months providing a gradual improvement. More than one treatment may be required but the advantage is that the skin gets smoother and smoother with each treatment. Although a single treatment can provide a noticeable result, ideally a series of 3-6 treatments spaced weekly is recommended to achieve optimal results.

$375/treatment (course prices on application)

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